One Year: February through April

To celebrate my first year in Peru, I am looking back at the past year. I am recalling the complicated journey that brought me here and seeing how things have changed over the last twelve months. 


February can be summarized as "the month where Meghan had a horrible attitude about everything". My papers were being pushed around in the Immigrations office of Central Lima and I was still waiting and waiting until I could begin work. Though the much anticipated work visa was near, I found no relief because the more I learned about the job I was waiting for, the more I dreaded my first day.

Once I got tired of my lonely girl pity parties, I decided to change my attitude and start by forcing myself to work on my Spanish. For so long I had been waiting for the "right time". Finally I said, "today´s the day". A little update on the Meghan vs. Javier war, I think I am gaining speed. Everytime he joins us for a meal, I put on my best brave Spanish speaker face and go for it. It´t not perfect, but I´m communicating. I haven´t heard "en español..." in a while. Point for Meghan.


Finally, after months and months of waiting, I recieved my work visa in the first week of March. It requiered spending six hours at the Immigrations office. As the closing hour approached, the clerk told me I had to come back the next day. I desperatly begged her to give me my visa that day. Her delay was more of a power play than anything else. Thankfully, my pathetic plea worked and I walked out with my visa.
In the middle of the month, I began work at the language institute. I was less than thrilled about this place of employment, but looked at it as Phase 1 of my employment in Lima. From that moment on, I used it as a foundation to apply elsewhere.

The rest of the month was defined by trying to adjust to my new schedule and the horrible fish stench that engulfs Lima mornings. But on the bright side, I learned what quaker means. You probably have some in your pantry right now.


While taking a tour at Huaca Pucullana

In April, things started to turn around. My dear friend Erin came for a visit and around that time my Spanish started improving. But probably the most exciting thing was that I got a new job! I real job! With steady hours and paid holidays! Hooray! One week later, I turned 23. Happy Birthday to me!