Why Peru?

In the summer of 2006, I made a hasty decision to study German. It was the summer before my Freshman year of college and I was ready to say adios to my five years of Spanish classes. As a result of a chance encounter with the University's German professor, I decided to take German. What started out as a foreign language requirement quickly developed into a second major.

Three years ago, I embarked on a five month study abroad trip to Germany. Before I left, my dad would frequently tell me, "You are going to go over there, find a 6', blond hair, blue eyed, German boy and never come home." He was right- sort of.

Instead, I met a 5'9", brown hair, brown eyed, Peruvian boy. He stole my heart in just under a month though it took me months to actually realize that. He moved back to Peru and we continued our relationship as friends. After months of Skype banter, one evening we had a serious conversation about our very unrealistic relationship.

We spent six months dating long distance, before we were able to see each other again. He then came to the United States for six months and six months after his return to Lima, I packed my bags, grabbed my cat and moved to Lima.

So, boys and girls, the moral of the story is that study abroad is the best match making service ever.

It should also be known that we met at Goethe Institut-München and I fully expect our relationship to be featured in their marketing materials one day.


Linda A. said...

Love this story! I'm sure they're updating their brochures as I type.

Stelsie said...

Lol, gurl, you're so funny. I agree, your college should feature your relationship story on their brochure.

By the way, I have been here reading and absolutely love your stories - a good twist of humour.

BTW, I have a friend who also moved to Peru and blogs her journey at whatlittlethings.com. Both of you should meet.

Amanda White said...

Hey, just found your blog while looking for the date of the earthquake tremor last month. Great reading. I'm also in Lima and I've been here just shy of four months. If you'd like an expat friend shoot me an email (artistmaj@gmail.com). If not, that's totally fine too. Thanks for sharing your blog.

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