New Job?!

I have a new job, it's a Peruvian miracle.

I fought for four months to get my work visa. Then I started work at a company for which the word "disappointing" is an understatement. My job was going nowhere and I had started to think that moving home would become a reality.

And then- through a friend of a friend, I was invited for an interview. I went to the interview with zero expectations. After sending out dozens of resumes and sitting through a handful of flop interviews, I was expecting this to be the same. However, before I even left the room, I was offered the job.

It's a real job. With steady hours and decent pay. It's at a school which means I receive an unbelievable amount of paid vacation. I am working with children who though sometimes are beyond aggravating, it's hard to stay mad when you receive a hug from a small, Peruvian child.

After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, I have a job. Words can not describe the amount of relief that has washed over me. Recently we had been saying that it was going to take a job being dropped in my lap, in order for this crazy plan to work. And that's exactly what happened.