Erin in LIMA!

I have been mostly MIA this past week, sorry about that. That’s what happens when you start a new job with crazy hours and you’re trying to adjust to the schedule. And when you get a slight bout of Peruvian allergies and you go to a three and a half hour long job interview. Throw in yoga classes, lesson planning and preparing for my first visitor and you’ve got a busy girl.

My dear friend Erin (pictures above on the 4th of July in Dresden) is currently sitting on a plane bound of Lima. I am so very excited, not only to have an American here with me but mainly just to have Erin here with me. She and I set off to Germany together two years ago. At the time, we were merely acquaintances, but it was during our time in Germany that we became very close and she is now one of my best friends. She shares my love or language and travel and is one of my loudest cheerleaders when it comes to my adventure in Lima.

I can’t wait to spend a week with her and am excited to show her a little bit of my new home.

Safe travels, Erin!