Point for Peru

I have noticed that it is very easy for me to only see the loud, ugly and crazy parts of Peru. Too often I was walking around the city and all I could think was:

"Oh, the traffic!"
"Oh, the pollution!"
"Oh, the dust!"
"The noise! The street vendors! The combis!"

I was focusing on every negative thing about Peru and never once stopped to think about things that I actually liked. Once I looked around and began to see nice things about Peru, my entire perspective changed. Often times, it was the simplest things that would bring me the most joy and comfort. With that Point for Peru was born. It is all those things in which Peru excels or things that you can find here, but nowhere else.


Linda A. said...

What a wonderful example of reframing: by changing your approach to a more positive one, you've changed your perspective.Good for you, this is important everywhere.

Edgar Powell said...

Very nice blog..glad to read this.

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