Point for Peru: Pharmacy Delivery

One of the best things about Lima is that you can get nearly anything you want via delivery. Craving McDonalds but don't want to leave your house? No problem, get it delivered. Your pet needs to go to the groomer? No worries, they will come and pick up your pet. You're sick and desperately need medicine but don't have the strength to go to the pharmacy? Your wish has been granted: the pharmacy delivers. Best idea ever.

I absolute love the concept of a pharmacy delivery service. So many times in the States I was really sick and unfortunately out of the necessary medication. But the thought of driving to Walgreens was daunting, so I laid on the couch and waited for someone to save the day and bring me medicine. But not in Lima. Just call your local pharmacy, make the request, tell them the amount you will pay with (so you can receive correct change) and just like that- pharmacy delivery!

I am convinced that this could be a fabulous business venture in most US cities.