Organic Market

I am embarrassed to admit that it has taken over nineteen months for me to make it to Lima's organic market. But better late than never, right?

I heard about the market months before when I was living with a friend of mine and had plans to go several times, but it seemed that something else always came up. Finally, this morning it worked out and I went to check it out with a few friends.

Before arriving, I knew that I wanted to buy eggs.  Ever since our trip to Ica, when we passed countless chicken farms along the coast, I have been feeling guilty about my non-organic eggs. Not only did I find eggs, but goat cheese and greek yogurt. What a sweet victory because those are difficult finds in Lima. I also bought a few tomatoes and cucumbers with visions of Greek food dancing in my head.

After making our purchases, we walked through the park and found two yoga classes, a tai chi class and what appeared to be a baby and daddy music class. It's a beautiful park that's not overrun by tourists, which is a nice change. Everything felt very community focused and I loved being a part of the community, no matter how briefly.

I think I have found my new Saturday morning routine- produce shopping at the organic market followed by yoga in the park. And lots and lots of Greek food.