The Countdown

And the countdown begins. 

I have been working too much. It's as simple as that. Quite by accident, I have been working 70+ hours per week since the middle of April. I went to the United States a couple of weeks ago and the night before my return flight, I broke down in my parent's living room. The thought of returning to Lima and working that much crippled me. After a long conversation with my dad (Happy Father's Day!), it was very, very clear that I needed to quit one of my jobs. The exhaustion that I feel from working so much prevents me from exploring Lima. The decision was made: I'm quitting.

I couldn't feel better about it. Peru requires a 30 day notice when leaving a position (which feels like forever). I am, however, six days into that period. Only 24 to go. To help me count the days, I have made a paper chain, reminiscent of my days in the second grade, and I take great satisfaction in removing one each evening. 

Only 24 days until yoga, blogging, reading, cooking, baking, writing and time with Ms. Emmaline. 


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I found your blog on I love Peru and thought I'd check it out.

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