Peruvian Weather

Please note the general lack of variety
in Lima's weather.

Ask a Limean about the weather outside and most likely you will get one of two responses:

"It's sunny." or "It's not sunny."

For the first few months that I was here, this exchange caused me endless frustration. Telling me about the amount of sun in the sky does little to inform me about the outside temperature. Oh so I thought.

In Nashville, I couldn't leave the house without consulting the weather. During the winter, I needed to know the day's high in order to know how many layers to wear. During the summer, I needed to know if I should expect a cool summer breeze. Well, now that we are solidly into Lima's winter, I understand why no one speaks of the weather in temperatures: because it doesn't matter.

In the morning when I leave for work, it's usually cloudy and grey. The air has a coolness that cuts through my trench coat. If the sun stays hidden behind the clouds, the weather stays the same for the whole day. On these days my fingers turn to ice and I wear my coat the whole day. I spend most of the day wondering: How can 60 degrees feel so cold? However, if the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, the day warms up and I am transported once again to summer days. Forget about those perfect winter days when the air is crisp but the sun welcomes you to be outside, bundled in your warmest kints. I have unfortunately come to the conclusion that they don't exist here. When the sun is out, it's hot. End of story.