We all play

As Peru competes in the qualifying matches for the 2014 World Cup, a Peruvian beer company has launched a brilliant ad campaign with the following slogan:

Cuando juega Perú, jugamos todos.
When Peru plays, we all play. 

It starts with a press conference where national team coach Sergio Markarián (shhh, he's Uruguayan) says "And these are those who defend the red and white". He then begins calling out the names of Peru's star players: Claudio Pizarro, Paolo Guerrero, Jefferson Farfán. As the camera cuts to the barbershop, he begins calling the names of average Peruvians- a barber, a fisherman, a waiter, a teacher, a salesman a taxi driver, a miner and a fireman, among others.

What I love about this particular campaign is that it seamlessly brings together all of Peru. The commercial moves through Peru's diverse geography- through the mountains, the coast and the jungle. It's full of images that bring pride to Peru- rolling hills, crystal blue lakes, vivid textiles and beautiful architecture- all things that make me proud to call Peru my home.