I have been cursed with broken luggage. Maybe I pack incorrectly, need sturdier luggage or just have bad luck, but my largest bag always breaks and at the worst times. When I landed in Munich to begin my semester abroad, I pulled an enormous bag off the carousel and noticed that one wheel had broken off.  Welcome to Germany, where you will drag 75 pounds to the train station! Last January, I flew from Honduras to Miami en route to Lima. Once again, my largest piece of luggage was destroyed.

Thankfully, there's an abundance of shoe and luggage repair shops near my house. For a decent fee and a few days work, my luggage is "completely new" and ready for my upcoming trip to Nashville. I hailed a taxi to take me home and quickly gave the driver directions.

As he began to turn the wrong way on a one way street I yelled, "You can't go that way!" and he replied:

"I was distracted by your beauty! Your eyes are beautiful."

That's the third time in two weeks that a driver has complemented my naturally bluish green with a hint of yellow eyes. I humbly thanked him as we chatted about the United States and I gave him the last directions to get to my building.

I think it's been a successful day. A half day at work, two rounds of Pisco Sours, a repaired suitcase and a compliment from a taxi driver. All in all, that's not too shabby.