Missing Consonant

As part of our unit on water, yesterday we visited a 1950s submarine that is docked at Lima's main port in Callao. All of our children were brave and climbed down the scary looking ladder. The oohed and awwed over the bunk beds, tiny shower and mannequins stuffed into the kitchen. They courageously made it through the fake explosion, complete with loud sirens, red lights and a fire made of fabric.

As were standing on top of the submarine getting ready to leave, one cute boy showed off his English language skills:

Juan Diego: "Miss Meghan, I know how to say rascacielos in English."
Me: "You do? What is it?"
Juan Diego: (enthusiastically) "Skycrapper!"
Me: "No, Juan Diego, it's skyscraper!"

I adore my inquisitive, energetic, curious and fearless first graders. What an adorable age!