Happy Peruiversary!

November 5th officially marked my one year anniversary with Peru. For one whole year I have been living this crazy expat life and I did it. I survived. I didn't go home. I'm even staying another year. Before I moved to Lima, I told people "I'll be there for one year, maybe two." At the time, one year seemed so long. It's amazing to me that it has actually passed.

Before I left Nashville, my dad gave me this bag of breadcrumbs
so I could "find my way home".   I haven't used them yet.
The anniversary passed rather quietly. I had plans to have a big lunch with Alvaro's family, but in the midst of moving, it simply didn't happen. I spent the day stumbling through my Spanish with the cable guys, asking the plumber, "Yes, I know this sink is beyond ancient, but can you still fix it?"and buying essentials, like bath mats and food. We celebrated by going to our favorite Japanese/Peruvian fusion restaurant and talking about the unlikely reality that is my first year in Peru.

I have lived in Lima for one year. This isn't a study abroad program and this isn't an extended vacation. This is where I have chosen to work and make my life. That sentence still catches me off guard. I'm excited about my upcoming year in Peru. If I were going back to the States at this point, I would be disappointed. I feel like my time here isn't quite up. So here's to my second year in Peru.

To celebrate my first year in Peru, over the next few days I will be looking back at the year in review and how things have changed in the last twelve months. Stay tuned!