30 Years!

In somewhat unrelated expat news, Happy 30th Anniversary to my wonderful parents!

Really though, it's not completely unrelated.
A) Without my parents, I wouldn't be here (read: alive) and neither would Lady in Lima &
B) Without my parents I wouldn't be in Lima.

I feel beyond fortunate to have such loving and supportive parents. They have always encouraged me to be whatever I want to be, no questions asked. I credit them with developing my strong sense of self and independence.

When I wanted to study abroad they never faltered in their support and were happy for me even though it took me away from them. After my college graduation when I told my dad that I wanted to move to Peru he asked, "Were you expecting me to be surprised?"

They have supported me emotionally and financially (even though this independent girl wanted to do it alone) and I am forever grateful. I couldn't ask for a better support system than my two dear parents.


Also today a big Happy Birthday to my maternal Grandma, even though she won't read this because she doesn't use the internet. :)