The Winter Uniform is back

Winter has finally arrived in Lima. And thank goodness for that. Since I hopped continents last November, I have been in a perpetual state of summer since Nashville's unseasonably warm spring last May. This winter loving girl is ready for a change.

I grew up in South Florida and therefore didn't experience my first real winter until I was sixteen. And I love it. I enjoy summer for the warm days and crisp sunshine, but I only really like summer if I am poolside with a cool drink in hand. I don't want to sweat the minute I walk out the door and unfortunately, that's a big part of summer.

Besides the sweating issue, I simply prefer my winter wardrobe. When I bought my first pair of boots at eighteen, I think my world changed forever. During college, I worked retail and my coworkers used to make fun of me for my "winter uniform". Most everyday during the winter, I wear some combination of a dress, tights, boots and a scarf. It never fails.

When I put on my riding boots for the first time this season, I felt unstoppable. I walked to work with a new air of confidence, a new swagger (can I have that?). I felt like no one could mess with me. When I am wearing my boots I know that if a cowardly Peruvian man were to whistle, kiss or call my way that my boots could do some serious damage.

Finally, my winter in May has arrived and not a moment too soon. Does this mean that it is now acceptable to celebrate Christmas in July?