Supermarket Motorway

Check out this future stuntman that we found in the produce section of the supermarket last weekend. Don't miss the bag of lettuce that he is holding in his right hand. This is right about the moment that his mom sent him to get ten tomatoes. And of course, instead of leaving the bike in the corner, he took a spin past the potatoes and carrots before arriving at his destination.

When I was younger, I begged my mom to take the fancy carts with a plastic car attached to the front. Despite my constant begging, she never gave in, saying that the cart was too big and too difficult to maneuver. We only used the regular, mundane, kid-not-approved carts. And this kid gets to ride his motorized, plastic motorcycle into the supermarket. Best Mom of the Year Award.

Oh, and to my mom: Now that I'm not seven anymore, I realize that you were right about the cart thing. I no longer feel deprived of my childhood.