Earthquake Drill

Tonight Lima is having an earthquake drill to simulate a grade 8 earthquake and tsunami. They have set up check points through the city, with emergency tents to point residents to the right location. I imagine that the city security force will double in numbers to guide residents to the designated meeting point.

Earthquakes are still a new phenomenon for me. I grew up with fire drills and tornado warnings. Hurricanes were to be expected but never an earthquake. Whenever we have an earthquake drill at school I wonder, "Is this effective? Will this really protect us in the case of a large scale earthquake?" I really have no idea. Thankfully, since I have been in Lima, we have yet to have anything larger than a shake, but you never know. Sitting on what most call "the ring of fire," Lima is prone to movement.

I understand and appreciate the city's desire to be prepared for a large scale earthquake. With 7 million people roaming around, it's good to practice emergency evacuations every once in a while. Limeans should also be taught not to go to the shore to watch the wave, as they did after the Japan tsunami last year. Though I applaud their efforts, I won't be evacuating for this city wide drill. Rushing down the stairs at 9pm, isn't appealing to this early bird. Instead I'll calmly plot my escape while drifting off to sleep.