100th Day!

Happy 100th Day of school from First Grade! This was my first time on the teacher side of the 100th Day celebrations and it was a fantastic day for teachers and students alike. I remember my elementary years and how I eagerly anticipated the 100th Day because the number 100 was infinitely large in my young brain. Every morning we count the number of days we have been in school so the excitement has been building since Day 1.

In preparation for the big day, I've been scouring the web for ideas and it seems that almost every school in the US has a school wide celebration. Here, unfortunately, the day usually passes without mention. But not this year. With the help of our larger than life sign, the whole school asked about the significance of the "100" and we gleefully shouted, "Happy 100th Day of School!"

The teacher in my classroom had a marvelous day planned for our little ones. The students wore crowns celebrating that they are now 100 days smarter. We counted 100 things for snack and then grouped them by tens to make a mix of all the snacks. The students refashioned their number "100" (poster board cut outs) into imaginative butterflies, scooters, dumbbells, balloons and rings of fire. The most entertaining part of the day was when the children had to write what they will be like when they are 100. Most assumed that they will have white hair, children and a chauffeur, but one particular child is hoping to have a very special career in 93 years...

Today was the perfect way to celebrate all of our chicos being 100 days smarter & brighter. I loved seeing them so excited about learning and about reaching such a terrific milestone. We ended the day with each child receiving a small diploma noting their accomplishment. There were ecstatic, their enthusiasm and pride radiated throughout the classroom. 100 days smarter and 100 days cuter.