Even within mototaxis, the different styles are endless

The different types of transportation available in Lima and the surrounding areas, are endless.

There are big buses, medium buses and teeny tiny small buses. There are buses that run through the median and therefore are immune to Lima traffic. Some buses are new and some buses are very, very old. There are motorcycles of all shapes, makes and sizes. Motorcycles for one person, motorcycles that carry small cargo, motorcycles that carry large cargo and motorcycle taxis. There are big taxis, small taxis, single taxis and group taxis. Lima's newest transportation addition is a raised rail system that runs high above the traffic below. Take your pick, there's always a way to get around.

Since arriving in Lima, I have been fascinated by the mototaxi. These small taxis are perfect for maneuvering through small streets and quickly getting passengers from one place to another. While abundant in some districts of Lima, they are forbidden in others. For this reason, I have never had the opportunity to ride one. Until yesterday.

This week while we are on break from school, I am helping a pediatrician missionary who attends our church. Part of his work in Lima is to go to various churches and schools and provide well check ups for the local children. These checkups first and foremost, allow the children to be seen a doctor, but also provide the mission organization with essential data regarding nutrition and health care, so that they can later tailor their help to the need of the area.

Yesterday, as we were leaving the site, he suggested that we take a mototaxi to the nearest train station. And there it was, the moment I had been waiting for- my first ride in a mototaxi. All three of us crammed into the back seat of a taxi slightly smaller than the one in the picture above. With two tall, lanky gringo guys, several backpacks and myself, it was a tight fit. As our driver weaved through traffic, I felt a cool breeze across my ankles then noticed the door flap waving in the wind.

We arrived at our station and saw a sea of other mototaxis waiting to take arriving passengers to their destination of choice. I squeezed through the small door, climbed out and safely landed on the sidewalk below. Now I can add "rode a mototaxi" to my list of Lima firsts. Hopefully, it won't be the last.