Kindle Confessions

I love my Kindle. Actually, I more than love my Kindle. I can´t believe I used to read books without one.

Last July when I was visiting the States, my dad offered to buy me a Kindle because he thought it would give me access to more English language books than are readily available in Lima. Before this, I had never thought about having one, in fact, I was wary of switching to ebooks because of the "they aren´t real books" arguement. Yes, they aren´t real books, but that´s the point.

Real books are heavy, real books are bulky. Real books take up precious suitcase space that I would rather reserve for boots. Real books are simply too difficult to transport across continents. Ebooks are slim, lightweight and the perfect solution for any bibliophile traveler.

I can read and store an endless number of books. I have access to thousands of books ranging from  historical fiction to cooking to language study. It has changed the way I read. And in recent news, you can now borrow ebooks from your local library. To my surprise, it even works while out of the country. Now I can read, for free, any book available from the Nashville Public Library.

I am a confessed convert, Kindle has changed my expat experience. It´s now on my must have list for traveling. Number 1. Miss Emmaline  & Number 2. My Kindle.

What are your must have items for traveling?