Hello, sunshine!

Something magical happens when the sun starts shining in Lima. Most winter days are plagued by this dreary fog that covers the city. Though the temperature usually stays in the mid-60s, the mix of fog and humidity makes for a chilly day. Add in the absence of sun and the days are downright depressing.

It's been months since I have seen the sunshine on a regular basis. A few weeks ago, Lima experienced a small tremor. Alvaro swears that when there is an earthquake, the sun comes out. For as long as he has been telling me this, I have been calling him crazy. Well, don't know you know, we had a tremor and then the sun came out. He calls it science. I say it's a fluke.

For the past ten days or so, we've been having pretty consistent sunshine and I noticed something, the sun completely changes my attitude towards Peru. In the morning fog, I might complain about my expat life and dream about how easy it would be to go home to the States. But when the sun comes out around noon, and I am drinking a cold Inka-Kola, I think, "There's no better place than where I am right now." I marvel at the dirt covered mountains and notice palm trees I had long ignored. I am intrigued, not frustrated by Spanish and find my school children endearing, even in their lunacy.

It's astounding what a good dose of Vitamin D can do for the soul. Thanks, Mr. Sun!