Actually, I haven't met Hannah Montana.

For all my drinking water needs, I have to buy bottled water. I usually go through about ten liters of water per week, so I buy water in a pack of four, 2.5 liter bottles.

On the days when I buy water, I ask for a bag boy to walk my groceries to my apartment. Which is another fantastic Peruvian service and definitely a Point for Peru. Last week, a young bag boy who looked about as old as my nine-teen year old brother walked me home.

Bag boy: Where are you from?
Me: I'm from the Tennessee in the United States.
Bag boy: Tennessee, really? Hannah Montana is from Tennessee.
Me: (shocked and thinking 'That's not her real name') Yes, she is. Actually, we're both from Nashville.
Bag boy: You lived in the same city? Do you know her? Is she nice? Do you like her music?
Me: Actually, I haven't met her, but yes I do like her music.

Ok, that last part was a lie. I know very little about Hannah Montana's (or should we call her Miley Cyrus) music. The only song I know is "Party in the USA" and that's just from attending all those sorority functions in college.

What a small, small world. The bag boy from my supermarket has a crush on Hannah Montana.