Searching for a frisbee

I am on a mission. A mission to find a frisbee in Lima. Actually, it's Alvaro's mission because he has recently become obsessed with the idea of us "playing frisbee in the park on a Sunday afternoon". This would be great, if we could actually find a frisbee.

Last weekend we went to two different supermarkets, a department store, a toy store and a store stocked full of strollers and car seats. Despite our constant searching, we can't find one. Our only other option is to head on over to the pirate market and hope that there is a pirated frisbee mixed in with the fake Adidas and Nike shirts.

I can't figure out why this mission is so hard, it's just a piece of molded plastic. Is playing frisbee an American thing? I never would have thought it would be this difficult to find a frisbee in Lima. In a city of nine million people, isn't there one frisbee?

For things like this I really, really miss megastores like Target or Walmart. Or Amazon, because if all else fails, you can find it there.

And for you, what's your frisbee? What seemingly simple item have you wanted while abroad but have been unable to find?