Happy Ceviche Day!

Photo credit: Absolut Peru

Peruvians are proud of their Peruvian food, really proud. There is a pride that radiates from a person when they begin to talk about their favorite Peruvian dishes. It's an interesting moment to watch, especially for me, since the culinary specialities from the States are generally an Americanized version of some other country's specialty. Though Southerners love their comfort food and their bar-b-que. And be warned, never mess with a Southerner and their sweet tea.

Yesterday was Ceviche Day. A national celebration of the deliciousness that is raw fish "cooked" in lime juice. Don't let the raw fish line send you away, it's amazing. Absolutely amazing. I'm told that some foreigners don't like ceviche because of the raw fish issue. Well, I love it. Does that add a few more points to my wannabe Peruvian status?

Let's hear it, three cheers to all the fish who give their lives for such a culinary treat. Happy Ceviche Day, Peru! Next up on the food celebration list is Pisco Day at the end of July. I can hardly wait.

If you're making your way to Lima anytime soon, here's Living in Peru's list of the top ten ceviche restaurants in Lima: be sure to check them out.