San Marcos University

My friend Elizabeth has told me that she remembers the first birthday we celebrated together. When I turned 17, she remembers that I rattled off a list of historical dates and famous birthdays that occurred on my birthday. The part she remembers most is that I added on, "AND- The Titanic sank the same week!!" You see, I have this thing about wanting to now what things happened on this day in history. Unfortunately, that quirk still stands five years later.

Everyday I start my morning by catching up on my favorite blogs, sipping some coffee and reading On this Day, my newest app and obsession.

Today in 1551, San Marcos University was founded in Lima, Peru. San Marcos has the unique distinction of being the first university in the Americas, take that Harvard. The university was founded by Royal Decree by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor as an institution to train and teach clergymen in the newly conquered region of Lima. San Marcos boasts several famous alumni, including Nobel Prize winning author Mario Vargas Llosa, and is recognized as the most prestigious university in South America.