Found: One Yoga Studio

After two months of searching, I have finally found a yoga studio. This is one of those small triumphs.

Shortly after arriving in Lima, I found the studio and was overjoyed that it was just a few short blocks from my apartment. Great news! The only problem was that I couldn’t find any information about the studio. Their website wouldn’t load, every time I walked by it was locked and I was unable to find a telephone number. Recently I had just settled on the idea that the studio closed several months ago and is no longer in business.

Last week I decided to try one last time and to my surprise, found the door open. Construction workers invited us in and told us that the studio was set to open this week. That solved the mystery of the studio.

Today was supposed to be opening day and I stopped by the studio on my way home from training. I walked into the lobby and found three young women speaking incredibly fast Spanish. My terrified look must have given me away because one of the women looked at me and said, “Do you speak English?” Relieved I replied, “Yes, please...”

She informed me that the studio’s opening had to be postponed because the heating system being used for their hot yoga classes wasn’t working correctly. We chatted for a few minutes, she gave me a small tour of their beautiful studio and she even mentioned that they might be getting a couple teachers to teach solely in English. Before I left, I inquired about their hot yoga classes. I have never tried one but my dear friend Erin is a huge fan, so I think it’s worth at least one try.

Finally, a little bit of success in a city that so far has been filled only with setbacks