Noise in the City

My apartment is noisy. All. the. time.

I live on the third floor of a building that is right off of a fairly busy Limean street. Which means that nearly 24 hours of the day I hear various city noises- traffic, construction, screaming pedestrians, landscapers, etc. My apartment is equipped with these fairly nifty double windows, sort of like a bay window, but if there were windows on both sides of the bay. This bay area has become Ms. Emmaline’s new favorite spot, since she can longingly look at the birds flying free right outside her window. It’s a nice additional because I have realized it provides slightly more protection from the city noise, I can’t imagine the noise if I only had one set of windows.

On top of the all the noise from outside my building, there is a constant  rumble from inside my building. I can hear water rushing down the pipes, interior construction, vacuuming, children talking, phones ringing, doors slamming and the list goes on. As the city begins to wake around 7am, whether I like it or not, I too am stirred from my sleep. Traffic doesn’t allow for sleeping i