A Church for Expats

In order to make my transition to Lima somewhat easier, Alvaro has been conducting thorough research on English church services in the city. To our mutual surprise he found an English speaking church within walking distance of my apartment.

Today we attended their morning service, while the other church goers filed in we noticed an unusual amount of non-Peruvian looking people. When we spoke with those around us we heard Scottish, Irish, American and British accents. This seems to be where the English speaking, ex-patriates gather every Sunday morning.

We started the Service with the hymn “Praise to the Lord the Almighty” which I immediately knew and Alvaro claimed that my American advantage was unfair. Though he later said that he appreciated my presence since I was clearly his “ticket” to enter the service. The Pastor of this particular parish grew up in Britain, spent nearly half of his life in the United States and now calls Lima his home. In a new city full of a strange language and unknown culture, this service was a place of comfort.

After the service, they held a small reception hosted in part by the British Embassy. We walked into the small fellowship hall and were immediately greeted by several church members, just wanting to welcome us. As we sat and drank our coffee, an older woman joined us and began to ask about our story. “You’re American? And you are Peruvian? So where did you meet?” We replied in unison, “Germany.” To which she could only laugh and assure us that we aren’t the only multi-national couple in the congregation.

The whole morning was a success. Before we left the Pastor in charge of the Spanish ministry came up to me and was sure to say, “If you ever want to practice your Spanish, come to the later service, it’s in Spanish.”